Competitions/Events Coming Soon

Listed here are competitions and other events that will be of interest to Fencing Central fencers.  This will highlight Fencing Central competitions and National competitions etc that are scheduled.  For other competitions you may be interested in, see the relevant regional website or the full competition calendar by clicking on the links below: (not all competitions are listed on this site)


Dates Competition / Event
3-6 Jan International Fencing Camp (Auckland)
2-12 Jan Ultimate Fencing Camp (Melbourne)
27-28 Jan Central Training Camp (Wellington)
15-18 Feb Oceania & Australian Juniors (Melbourne)
24 Feb-4 Mar Asia Cadet & Junior Champs (Dubai, UAE)
25-Feb Trefoil + AGM
17-18 Mar Central U15 & 17 Champs
1-10 Apr World Cadet & Junior Champs (Verona, Italy)
7-8 Apr NZ University Fencing Championships (ChcH)
07-Apr Central Referee Training Course
08-Apr Central U11 & U13 #1
14-16 Apr AFC 1 incl U23 Epee (Brisbane)
17-19 Apr  National Training Camp (Wellington)
21-23 Apr    NZ U15 & Cadet Fencing Champs (Wellington)
19-20 May Central Champs (including foil and epee team challenge)
26-May Central Novice Secondary School #1 
2-4 Jun     North Island Champs incl NZ U23 Champs (Auckland)
16-17 Jun Central Secondary School Champs Indiv
23-24 Jun Central Secondary School Champs Teams
9-11 Jun      AFC 2 incl. U23 Foil (Adelaide)
30-Jun Central U11 & U13 #2
7-8 Jul    Presidents Cup & NZ Veteran Foil Challenge (Wellington)
11-15 Jul             Australian U15 & Cadet Fencing Champs (Syd)
23 - 30 Jul Commonwealth Junior & Cadet Fencing Champs (Newcastle, England)
1-2 Aug Asian Cadet Circuit Competition (Pasig, Philippines)
3-10 Aug SE Asian Pacific Cadet & Junior Champs (Pasig)
9-12 Aug            AFC 3 incl U23 Sabre (Perth)
18-19 Aug Central U20
25-26 Aug  South Island Champs (Dunedin) and Vet Epee
7-9 Sep NZ Secondary School Champs (ChCh) 
21-23 Sep         AFC4 (Sydney)
23-Sep U11 & U13 #3
29 Sep-1 Oct             NZ Juniors (Auckland)
2-3 Oct National Training Camp TBC (Auckland)
1-6 Oct Youth Olympics (Buenos Aires)
13-14 Oct Central Open
20-22 Oct         NZ Nationals Open & Vets, (Christchurch)
28-Oct Central Novice Secondary School #2
11-Nov Baby Cham U13 #4
16-20 Nov           Australian Nationals (Melbourne)
23-28 Nov       Commonwealth Fencing Champs (Canberra- Open & Vet) 
01-Dec Central Awards Evening
02-Dec Friendly Foil
5 - 9 Dec


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