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23 - 26 November:  NSW Mini Koala, Sydney.  Click Here.

1 December:  Fencing Central Awards Evening.  See below.

3 December: Friendly Foil.  Details to come.

8 - 12 December: Australian Nationals.  Click here.


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Central U17 Champions

Men's Foil Men's Epee Men's Sabre Women's Foil Women's Epee Women's Sabre
2017 Joel Browne Time Millington William Johson Naomi Holland Elizabeth Little Florence Ferguson
2016 Nicholas Henderson Isaac Rusholme-Cobb Reed Browne Michelle Huang Claire Cooper --
2015 Isaac Rusholme-Cobb Isaac Rusholme-Cobb Gavin Thomas Hazel Lockwood Claire Cooper Claire Cooper
2014 Isaac Rusholme-Cobb Gavin Thomas Gavin Thomas Hazel Lockwood Annick Fenaughty Lillian Blencoe
2013 Nicholas Henderson Nicholas Mercer Sean Hickmott Daniela Ravera ---- Niamh Conion
2012  Fabian Erdmann   Felix Boyce  Alex Thomas  Stephanie Alexander  Stephanie Alexander  
2011 Felix Boyce Felix Boyce Michael Parr Stephanie Alexander Melissa Burgess Rachel Mercer
2010 Harry Forester Jesse Knight Alex Thomas Charlotte Forrester Stephanie Alexander Stephanie Alexander
2009 Daniel Kahu Daniel Kahu Daniel Kahu Alana LeComte Katie Boyle Katie Boyle
2006 Olexander Sydor-Barnes Luke Crozier Peter Kim Sari Hoffmann Sari Hoffmann Charlotte Dewsnap
2005 Callum Cuncannon William Bishop Peter Kim Charlotte Dewsnap Anna Garcia Samantha Woodward

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